How to get employees engaged in training courses?

Employee training is essential for any business. It helps employees develop the skills and knowledge required to be successful in their roles. But how can an employee stay enthusiastic about these trainings when they still have business objectives to complete?

Here are three ways to make that magic happen


1. Tailor training contents to their needs

One of the biggest reasons employees are not excited about a training program is because they are asked to learn things they already know, but the things they need are not there. So, the L&D team should conduct a proper training needs analysis to understand what skills and knowledge they crave, ensuring the learning experience is relevant and impactful.

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2. Embrace e-learning authoring tools and magic

E-learning authoring tools offer diverse formats like interactive videos, interactive quizzes or realistic simulations to test employees’ wits, bite-sized modules, and even mobile access. Various delivery methods make learning convenient and engaging for all. Some of the best e-learning can do this: iSpring, Moodle,…

Role-play in training


3. A level-up training course with Gamification

Gamification is the use of game-like elements and mechanics in non-game contexts. When applied to e-learning, gamification can spark playful, healthy competition, while diverse elements cater to different learning styles and keep employees’ attention flying high. But have you wondered how to create and use gamification in training courses?


> eLearning Gamification: How To Apply It and Win The Game

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